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Cabin Interior


About Cindy

Cindy is a testament to the fact that one book, one idea, or one inspiring moment can change the course of your life. In her case, after devouring the book The Home Edit, she knew something had shifted inside her. The concept of living in a simplified space that brings joy rather than stress spoke to her spirit, and she started making changes. When the pandemic hit, Cindy did the same soul-searching as many others around the world, and took it out on her house: she flipped her linen closet, updated her laundry room, built a pantry, and upgraded her kitchen. The results were life-changing, and now she brings the same spirit-lightening process to others through Simply Organized Interiors. Cindy is also a #SAHM to two lively and beautiful sons, who reluctantly participate in her super fun home organization jobs, and wife to her heroic #frontlineworker Drew, who laughs at her infatuation with bins and baskets, but uses them for his stuff anyway!

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