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Interior Design

Transform Your Home with In-Home Organization

You know you need help, but you aren’t sure where to start, or what to do first. We’ve all had that deer in the headlights moment where we know there’s a problem but aren’t really sure where to begin. Simply Organized Interiors offers a free 10-minute chat to help you determine your problem areas and stressful spaces to revive simplicity and order in your home. 

With this service you get:

  1. Edit of unwanted items 

  2. Donation haul-away (limited)

  3. Unpacking into your new home 

  4. Set up your new organized space for ease and function

  5. Labeling your containment items for easy accessibility  


Cost: Full Service Organizing Service: $85.00/hour* + plus fees.

  • Fee structure is project based and determined and explained in the Statement of Work.

  • $35.00 non-refundable walkthrough fee is required before booking any project and will be applied to final invoice.

  • $85.00 retainer is required for all full-service organizing services and will applied final invoice.


*This price does not include the cost of products. 


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