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Interior Design

Virtual DIY Service

Maybe you wonder how most of your house got out of control, and there are few spaces that make you feel serene, organized, and simplified. No judgement here! We’ve all found ourselves overwhelmed by multiple jobs that need done, and no time or motivation to get started. Let Simply Organized Interiors take it from here and handle a whole home organization for you, from your most disorganized pile of paper clutter to a reorganization of your master bedroom. No job is too big, and in just a matter of weeks you will feel like you live in an entirely new space with order and purpose. 

With this service you get:

  1. Organizing advice for 1 space/area in your home or office. 

  2. Two 60-minute video consultations (one at the beginning and one at the end.)

  3. Unlimited email and text message support

  4. I will provide purging guidelines and along with donations locations for your area

  5. I will recommend which of your items are worth keeping, selling, or trash

  6. Shop all recommended products for space and have them shipped to you

  7. I will assist with product placement for functionality 


Cost: Virtual DIY Service: $600

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